10 Best Router Under $100 (with Pros, Cons & Comparison)

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Are you looking for the best router under $100 you can buy in 2024? I know sometimes it is hard to choose the best router within a specific budget and we have a lot of questions in our minds when doing so.

There was a time when I wanted my first router, and I ended up searching hundreds of web pages on Google before deciding on a router. On the eCommerce marketplace, there are literally hundreds of options available and it’s quite normal to be confused due to the variety of options.

So after experiencing how it feels, I am writing this post based on my experience to help you choose the best router under $100. I will list all the features and compare routers on various points, so you can get the best router for your needs.

Now, it’s time to take your home network into your own hands with these 10 routers selected by our editors.

Let’s begin…

Quick Recommendation:

For those of you looking for the best router under $100, I recommend getting the “TP-Link AC4000 Tri-Band WiFi Router (Archer A20)” which although costs a bit more but it will surely meet all your needs.

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This router costs only 10-15% more than your specified budget, but it is ideal for 4K video streaming and gaming. It also features tri-band frequency, which you cannot find in any other router at the price point of under $100 or even at $150-200.

In terms of performance, it is faster than all other routers and comes with a 64-bit 1.8 GHz processor and 512MB of RAM, which can easily handle your home network with ease. MU-MIMO technology also ensures your device will not experience any buffering problems, and it accelerates loading times.

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Table of Contents

Best Router Under $100

Finding the best router under $100 in 2024 is not a simple task. There are a lot of factors that will determine the quality and performance of a router, but we made it easy for you to choose the one that suits your needs.

This is the list of routers our expert team has curated based on their performance, features, and pricing. In addition, it includes the benefits and drawbacks of every router compiled specifically for you.

As a quick suggestion, I’d say that the TP-Link’s AX1800 (Archer AX21)  is going to be the best router in 2024 under $100 due to its features set and signal coverage, however, do not worry, we will also share 9 other routers that you can choose from.

1. TP-Link WiFi 6 Router AX1800 Smart WiFi Router (Archer AX21) – Dual Band Gigabit Router with WiFi 6 (802.11ax), 1.5GHz Quad-Core CPU, 1.8 GBPS Speed, 4 High-Gain Antennas, Beamforming, and OFDMA

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TP-Link Archer AX21 is the smart router on our list that has received the most customer satisfaction reviews, thus allowing it to take the number one spot in our ranking. It is one of the best routers under $100, and it can be set up by anyone, even if they don’t have any technical knowledge. The device is also Alexa-enabled, so it is easy to use.

It comes with a powerful 1.5GHz quad-core processor that ensures smooth communication between the router and each of your connected devices, even while streaming 4K videos and playing games with minimal ping time. Featuring dual-band frequencies and WiFi 6 (802.11ax) connectivity, it provides a continuous connection to a number of devices at the same time using revolutionary OFDMA technology.

Additionally, the router comes with four high-gain antennas, an advanced FEM chipset, and beamforming technology to improve performance, signal strength, and to focus signal strength on devices that may be very far away from the router. It helps in enjoying smooth and stable streaming, gaming, and downloading with our devices.

Performance-wise, the TP-Link Archer AX21 is the best router you can get for under $100, featuring the fastest processor and tons of features. In comparison to the previous generation of WiFi technology, 802.11ax boasts faster speeds, greater capacities, and a lower level of network congestion.


  • Comes with a superfast 1.5 GHz quad-core processor for smooth performance.
  • JD Power has given it the highest rating for customer satisfaction.
  • It supports WiFi 6 (802.11ax) for faster speed with great capabilities, and lower network congestion.


  • The user interface is not that great.

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My Views?

Considering the features it provides along with the overall performance and customer experiences with this router, I must say the TP-Link Archer AX21 is one of the best router under $100 you can get for your home.

Featuring a dual-band frequency with a strong and powerful 1.5GHz quad-core processor, WiFi 6 (802.11ax) technology coupled with OFDMA and beamforming, it provides smooth, stable, and congestion-free speed to all your connected devices at the same time, even with 4K videos streaming or gaming sessions with no lag whatsoever.

2. ASUS AC1900 WiFi Gaming Router (RT-AC68U) – with Dual Band Gigabit Router for Gaming & Streaming with WiFi (802; 11 AC), Dual Core CPU, 256MB RAM, AiMesh Compatible, Lifetime Internet Security, Adaptive QoS, and Parental Control

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With its AC1900 speed, the ASUS RT-AC68U router is another the best router on our list under $100, which is designed to provide a smooth, fast, and congestion-free experience for all your connected devices while streaming 4K videos, playing games, and more.

The router supports dual-band connectivity and is powered by a powerful 1.0 GHz dual-core processor that has a flash memory capacity of 128MB and 256MB RAM. This router supports all the standard networks of IEEE and offers smart multitasking by dividing the data lanes between Wifi and USB. It also features an easy-to-use ASUSWRT interface, which is basically a web-based interface for configuring and managing your router.

Among other features, the AiMesh technology lets you connect multiple routers together to extend your home network and eliminate all the blind spots you might otherwise have. If you connect two routers positioned more than 200 feet apart, you will be able to greatly enhance the strength of the Wi-Fi signal throughout the building.

The ASUS RT-AC68U delivers amazing and robust performance for all your devices, making it the best wifi router under $100 on the market. It also comes with lifetime internet security from Trend Micro to provide multi-level protection from vulnerabilities and to protect sensitive data.


  • It supports dual-band frequency and a powerful 1.0 GHz dual-core processor.
  • It comes with lifetime internet security from Trend Micro.
  • Compatible with AiMesh and supports all the standard networks of IEEE.


  • Sometimes connecting nodes in AiMesh show errors.

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My Views?

In my opinion, ASUS RT-AC68U is one of the best wifi routers that you can buy for under $100 for optimum performance and functionality. The device comes with a powerful CPU, as well as supporting dual-band frequencies (2.4GHz and 5GHz bands) which allows increased performance.

With its 3 high-gain antennas, it ensures that you receive excellent signal strength and speed even when you are a long way away from the router. Therefore, if you want a reliable and good router with a classic look, I recommend picking this one up.

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router (R6700) AC1750 Wireless – Dual Band Gigabit Router with Dual Core CPU, Beamforming Plus, Dynamic QoS, Smart Connect, 3 High-Gain Antennas for Up to 1500 sq. ft. Coverage, and Armor Security

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The Netgear Nighthawk R6700 is another best wifi router under $100 on our list with advanced features and a device that is smart enough to handle all your streaming and gaming needs. This router supports dual-band with the latest 802; 11 AC technology and delivers speed up to 1300Mbps.

With the R6700, we also get a powerful 1.0 GHz dual-core processor for better and smooth performance for each and every connected device. And in addition to that, we also get 3 high-gain antennas with beamforming plus technology, so you can receive crystal clear signals even when you’re at a far distance from your router. It is especially useful when multiple users reside in your house or office and use the same network.

The Netgear Nighthawk R6700 also comes with advanced features such as parental controls, guest access, and advanced firewalls to protect your home or office network from any unauthorized users and threats from the internet. For optimum security, it comes with so many network and security management features such as QoS, Port forwarding, and VPN which makes it a complete package for a network management solution.

Performance-wise, the R6700 performs very well especially when we compare it with other routers in our list that come under $100. In fact, the device delivers a superfast speed of up to 1300 MBPS with a faster-transmitting speed which is faster than a few routers in relatively same price router. It also consumes very little power as compared with other wifi routers out there.


  • It comes with a powerful 1.0 GHz dual-core processor and 256MB of RAM.
  • It supports dual-band frequency and has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Comes with advanced network management solutions and firewalls.


  • Only comes with a 30-days free trial of Netgear’s Armor cyber-threat protection.

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My Views?

Netgear is one of the most reliable brands, and when it comes to wireless routers, nobody beats the Nighthawk series. Besides having an excellent design, it looks great on the wall, making it an attractive addition to the home (yes, some routers look odd).

It is equipped with a powerful 1.0GHz processor, which reduces lag issues while streaming 4K content and playing video games. You can also connect it to other devices using the USB port for sharing files and printers. Overall, this router performs extremely well and I highly recommend it to everyone.

4. TP-Link AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Router (Archer A9) – Dual-Band 1.9 GBPS Router with Long-Range WiFi, MU-MIMO Support, Beamforming, Parental Control, Smart Connect, and Works with Alexa

best router, best router under 100, best routers under $100, routers under $100

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The TP-Link AC 1900 (Archer A9) is another top-of-the-line router on our list of the best routers under $100, with various high-tech features found only in modern routers. This is a powerful wireless router that comes with a dual-core processor for high performance and smooth gameplay.

This is probably one of the best dual-band wifi routers under $200 from TP-Link. It s fast enough to handle multiple connections from different devices at the same time without compromising its speed and performance. This router is capable of delivering a pretty good speed up to 1900 MBPS making it ideal for heavy streaming, gaming, and downloading needs.

The TP-Link Archer A9 is also equipped with 3 high-gain antennas to ensure enhanced range and it comes with beamforming technology which helps in focusing the signal towards your device so that you can seamlessly connect without any hassle. Since it supports MU-MIMO technology, you can stream and play games on multiple devices at the same time without any lag or bandwidth issues.

Performance-wise, this one is really a great router with modern features and a powerful processor. It is capable enough to fulfill all your requirements and on top of that, it also comes with parental control which you can use to monitor your child’s internet usage, and an integrated VPN server for secure connections.


  • One of the best routers with modern features and dual-band frequency.
  • It supports a super-fast speed of 1900 MBPS, making it ideal for heavy usage.
  • It is equipped with 3 antennas, beamforming technology, and MU-MIMO for providing increased performance.


  • Some people complaints about flaws in the user interface.

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My Views?

TP-Link Archer A9 is one of the best options for those of you who are looking to upgrade from an older router to a new one. In addition, it is also recommended for those of you who are starting fresh with a new router.

This is a powerful router with amazing features and comes with a good price tag, making it an ideal choice for anyone who is in need of a Wi-Fi router. It comes with a lot of features such as parental control, guest network access, and more that give you ultimate control over your home or office wifi connection.

5. Speedefy AC2100 Smart WiFi Router – Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router for Streaming & Gaming with Dual Core CPU, 4×4 MU-MIMO, 7 External Antennas for Strong Signal, and Parental Control

best router, best router under 100, best routers under $100, routers under $100

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Speedefy AC2100 is another smart wifi router that comes under $100 and ranked 5th position in our top spot list. It comes with a powerful processor which is powerful enough to handle all your 4K streaming and gaming with ease.

And on top of that, Speedefy AC2100 comes with a dual-band wifi technology or you can say frequency which allows you to have a fast transmission speed while streaming videos and playing games. It has an outstanding signal strength and this router is perfect for large homes and businesses where high-speed internet is needed.

In addition, it offers smart security features such as parental controls, guest networks, and WPS for convenience. You can also stream high-speed internet of 2100MBPS (1733Mbps/5GHz + 300Mbps/2.4GHz) with this router, and thanks to its powerful 7*6dBi external antennas, it makes sure you receive signals on every corner of your house.

Performance-wise, Speedefy AC2100 is an astonishing wifi router that comes with a powerful dual-core processor, 7*6dBi powerful external antennas, and an outstanding speed of 2100 MPBS on dual-band frequency. If performance is all you need, I highly recommend this router to everyone.


  • It comes with dual-band technology and a fast dual-core processor for high performance.
  • The 7*6dBi high-performance external antennas make sure you receive signals at every corner of your home.
  • It works astonishingly while playing games and streaming 4K videos.


  • Some claim it’s hard to set up.

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My Views?

Honestly, I think about Speedefy AC2100 as one of the best routers under $100 and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a powerful dual-core processor and strong signal strength.

The router offers exceptional performance and is equipped with a dual-core processor and 512 MB of RAM. This ensures you will have no problem streaming videos and playing games with this router.

6. Google WiFi AC1200 Future Proof Mesh WiFi Router – Mesh System with Dual-Band Support, Parental Control, Covers Up to 1500sq ft, Simple Setup, and Works Together to Create a Mesh Network with 2 or More Routers

best router, best router under 100, best routers under $100, routers under $100

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Google recently entered the market of Internet devices and made its presence felt with a wide array of products. If you’re looking for a powerful router that can handle all your online needs then the Google WiFi AC1200 is one product that you should consider. It is a highly versatile device that can be used by everyone to enjoy hassle-free online browsing.

Google Wifi is designed keeping in mind the fact that it’s not just for your precious devices but has to be able to handle the demands of your entire network. The device is not only packed with a powerful processor and dual-band frequency, but it also comes with an awesome app that makes connecting to networks as simple as possible.

This device ensures that your network is stable and fast, so you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows without interruption. Besides providing excellent speed and performance, this router is designed to provide great coverage to your home and office.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to purchase a single unit for the home and the office, or multiple units to remove blind spots. Additionally, you can expand the reach of your mesh network by adding more routers to it, leading to an unlimited number of areas you can connect to.


  • The product comes with a simple and easy-to-use setup wizard.
  • Provides blazing-fast AC1200 dual-band WiFi speeds; dedicated 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
  • Equipped with a powerful processor and Google WiFi app for easy control over your network


  • It is more expensive as compared to similar routers.

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My Views?

Google WiFi AC1200 boasts a powerful dual-core processor and a dual-band WiFi system with a powerful chipset that delivers impressive performance both for online gaming and streaming movies.

The mesh network also offers the advantage of being flexible, since units can be easily added to the network to let you extend its coverage area.

7. TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7) – Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router with WiFi (802.11ac), 3 External Antennas, 4 Gigabit LAN Port, VPN Server, Parental Control, QoS, and Works with Alexa

best router, best router under 100, best routers under $100, routers under $100

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This is another relatively inexpensive router from TP-Link, the Archer A7, ranked as the seventh best router under $100 on our list. Similar to other TP-Link routers, it is a dual-band router that comes with advanced features and a performance that is better than most other routers in the same price range that can be purchased.

The Archer A7 is an ideal router for large houses or offices due to its three high-gain antennas and 802.11 AC technology, which delivers a superfast speed of up to 1750 MBPS. On top of that, it also offers MU-MIMO technology that can prove quite beneficial when the user wants to stream 4K content without experiencing lags.

Also, it is equipped with multiple ports that you can use to connect external storage devices or media players. In addition, there is an integrated USB 3.0 port that works like a media server and can be connected to multiple devices. Similarly, if you would like to share files between multiple devices, there is no problem.

As far as performance is concerned, this router performs extremely well, especially when compared with other routers. The router offers a great deal of control over the network without any hiccups, thanks to its powerful processor and RAM. In testing, it delivered a superfast speed of up to 1750 MBPS, which is significantly faster than any other router in its price range.


  • Comes with a powerful dual-core processor and high speed DDR3 RAM.
  • It supports dual-band frequency and has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Comes with advanced network management solutions and firewalls.


  • Users have reported a slight downtick in speed after a year or so.

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My Views?

The TP-Link Archer A7 is an excellent router when it comes to spending under $100. It comes with a powerful processor and delivers superfast speed, making it an ideal device for online gamers or movie buffs.

For optimal performance, this router also comes with advanced features such as parental controls, guest access, and advanced firewalls to protect your home or office network from any unauthorized users and threats from the internet. For advance security, its an excellent choice.

8. NETGEAR WiFi Router (R6230) – AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Router with 1200 MBPS Speed, Up to 20 Devices, Gigabit Ethernet Ports, 880MHz CPU, 2 Amplified Antennas for High Performance, and Advanced QoS

best router, best router under 100, best routers under $100, routers under $100

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The Netgear R6230 is yet another wifi router under $100 that is worth considering for your home and office network. It has received 4.5 star rating from over 6.6K+ peoples on various eCommerce marketplaces. This router is easy to setup and delivers a good range of coverage.

The router supports dual band wireless standard of 802.11ac with a total speed of up to 1200 MBPS on both bands which is actually higher than a few other routers on our list that come under $100. In addition to that, the R6230 has an 880 MHz processor which makes it faster and reliable than a few routers out there. It also supports multiple devices at the same time with full bandwidth and capacity, and allows you to connect up to 20 devices at a time.

The router has a USB 2.0 port for sharing a storage device, and it is ideal for accessing and connecting your printer to the network. This way, you can share your printer with all your connected devices and users. Besides all those advanced features, the R6230 also has very easy to use interface which makes it a perfect choice for both tech savvy as well as tech noob users.

The router supports WPA2 encryption and has a strong firewall to protect your home or office network from any unauthorized users and threats from the internet. And it comes with a 2-year limited warranty from Netgear.

Performance-wise, The R6230 delivers a superfast speed of up to 1200 MBPS and provides very high coverage. It works perfectly fine even when there are many devices connected to the network and allows you to prioritize devices as per your needs.


  • It comes with strong firewalls and numerous security features.
  • Supports various ports including USB for sharing a storage device and printer.
  • You can connect up to 20 devices at a time.


  • Only recommended for small & mid-size office and homes.

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My Views?

The NETGEAR R6230 is an excellent router for small to medium homes with about 10–20 connected devices. It comes equipped with a 880MHz processor, two amplified antennas, and numerous features for increased performance and security. It delivers both speeds and coverage without any downsides.

The R6230 offers 2 dual-band Gigabit Ethernet ports that enable wired connections to the Internet using gigabit ethernet and a USB port lets you share a hard drive or printer with any connected device.

9. Linksys EA7300 Smart Wi-Fi Router – AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit Router with a Dual Core CPU, Wireless 1.7 GBPS Speed for 4K Streaming & Gaming, MU-MIMO, Parental Controls, and Amazon Exclusive Extended 18 Month Warranty

best router, best router under 100, best routers under $100, routers under $100

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The Linksys EA7300 Smart Wi-Fi Router is also a great buy if you are looking for a router that provides adequate coverage to your home. It is sleek, stylish, and compatible with almost all modern gadgets. The device comes with a dual-band frequency that makes every internet connection blazing fast.

For the speed and coverage, the Linksys EA7300 is a solid buy for everyone who is looking for a router that can handle multiple devices with ease. It supports MU-MIMO that allows you to connect multiple devices at once and enjoy instant streaming and gaming without any hassle.

Another feature that we like is the Amazon exclusive extended 18 month warranty which is a great add-on for this device. It comes with smart Wi-Fi settings and powerful security features such as guest network access and parental controls.

Performance-wise, the EA7300 delivers a speed of up to 1300Mbps on 5Ghz and 450Mbps on 2.4Ghz, so it is pretty fast from all angles. In addition to that, it supports MU MIMO technology for a more reliable Wi-Fi connection. The device also comes with a powerful processor for faster speeds and better performance.


  • It supports MU-MIMO technology
  • Comes with a dual-band frequency and a powerful processor.
  • Ideal for large home & office.


  • Limited options in router configuration settings.

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My Views?

This router is definitely one of the best WiFi routers on our list if you are looking for a great Wi-Fi router with good performance. It comes with numerous features and extended warranty from Amazon.

Overall, the Linksys EA7300 is a great buy for everyone who is looking for a reliable and performance oriented router at a reasonable price.

10. ASUS AC1300 WiFi Router (RT-ACRH13) – Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router with 4GB Ports, WiFi (802.11ac), 2×2 MU MIMO, 4 External Antennas for Improved Performance, and Integrated USB 3.0 Port

best router, best router under 100, best routers under $100, routers under $100

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The last router in our list of best wifi routers under $100 is the Asus RT-ACRH13. This is one of the best routers for gaming and streaming, and it delivers an excellent performance. This device delivers a superfast speed up to 1267 Mbps.

It comes with advanced features and 2×2 MU MIMO for powerful performance and it is smart enough to handle multiple connections from your all devices, including computers, laptops, mobile device, tablets, and IoT devices. And thanks to its 4 external 5dBi antennas, they provides improved WiFi range and increase performances to works better on a large space.

And for those who have a limited budget, the Asus RT-ACRH13 is an excellent choice as it’s under $100. In fact, the device comes with both the latest 802.11 ac and 802.11 b/g/n technology which ensures maximum compatibility with most 802.11 b/g/n and 802.11 ac wireless devices.

The router comes with an intuitive ASUSWRT web-based interface and the ASUSWRT app that helps you to monitor, manage and control your network from a smartphone or computer even if you’re not at home. And to ensure optimum security, the device comes with built-in WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption, DoS attack prevention, firewall, IP-based bandwidth control.


  • It comes with 2×2 MU MIMO for dedicated speeds of up to 1267 Mbps.
  • Comes with 4 external 5dBi antennas for improved Wi Fi performance.
  • Effortless router setup with the ASUSWRT web-based interface.


  • None.

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My Views?

The Asus RT-ACRH13 is one of the best routers for streaming and it performs exceptionally well. It delivers an astonishing speed of up to 1267 Mbps with 2×2 MU MIMO technology which comes in handy for homes with multiple devices. A

nd to ensure optimum WiFi coverage, it comes with 4 external 5dBi antennas that ensure your entire home or office is covered. I highly recommend this router to everyone who are looking for a fast wifi router under $100.


Buying Guide for Choosing Best Router Under $100

To choose the best device for your home or office, you must know some basic things about networking. You also need to know how to set up your wireless router and WiFi security features.

So, before buying a router, it is necessary to know the following things:

1. What Do you Want to Use it For?

This is the first and most important thing you should know before deciding to buy a new router for yourself. You always have to choose a router based on the usage and your requirements and whether you’re looking for a router for office usage or normal home-usage.

For example, if you’re looking for a router for playing games, you will need a router with top-of-the-line features and greater speeds. If the device is used for streaming and downloading purposes, then consider investing in a router with more speed and coverage.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a router that is suitable for small businesses and offices, then you should have to get a router with the highest security and firewall optimizations. And you should always consider buying a router from reputable brands for time-to-time firewall updates and patches.

Basically, you should know the needs of your home or office. Once you know them, check the list of best wifi routers available in the market for your choice.

2. How Many Devices Do You Need?

It is important that you determine the number of devices that you have in your residence or office before you buy a new router for yourself.

For example, if you have more than 50 devices in your home, then it’s recommended that you invest in a business-class router. Routers such as these are equipped with powerful hardware as well as security features, which makes them an ideal choice for large households or businesses.

However, if you’ve got just a few devices at home or in your office, then it is better for you to get any router from the list I shared above. In order to get the most from these routers, you should connect no more than 15-20 devices – however, if you need more than that, you should consider a router with mesh technology.

3. Do You Need Parental Control?

You should also think about whether you want a router that can be used for parental control purposes. It is important for you to realize that there are better options available in the market if you are looking for a router for your children. You can opt for one of those devices.

Basically, we recommend purchasing a router that is easy to use and that provides maximum security features at a relatively low price. To make sure your devices are always protected, we always recommend using a router with powerful firewall software.

For this situation, you can go with any router I mentioned in this list. They all come with parental control features and allow you to set parental controls with tons of other parental features, especially the TP-Link series, as they allow parental control with website/keyword blocking.

4. What Features Do You Need?

There are quite a lot of features that you need to consider while purchasing a router from the list I shared above. However, if you want to buy a router from reliable brands for their feature-packed routers, then you should be aware of the following things:

  • First off, as mentioned earlier in this guide, you should always choose a router from reputable brands. When it comes to networking technology, these brands are quite popular among the users.
  • Secondly, you should always check out the number of LAN ports available in the router you are planning to buy. The more LAN ports there are, the more devices you can connect to your router using Ethernet connection. However, keep in mind that routers usually come with just 4-16 LAN ports.
  • You should also consider a router that is easy to use and has a lot of features for setting up and managing your network. You can do this by reading our comprehensive guide or by visiting the manufacturers’ websites.

However, you must ensure that all your devices are compatible with the router you’re planning to buy. If they are not compatible, then you should check the compatibility list on the router’s website before buying it.

5. Do You Need the Best WiFi Speed?

For those who are looking for the best wireless router under $100, it is essential to determine if they need a wireless router that offers the best possible speeds. It is also important to check out whether you have a lot of devices that need to be connected together at the same time or not.

If you have only a small network at home or in your office, and you don’t have a lot of devices to connect, then I recommend going with one of the routers I have listed above since they will serve your purpose perfectly and they can easily manage up to 25 connected devices.

In addition to it, if gaming and streaming are your main activities, then it is always more preferable to go for the latest high-end router that comes with the fastest possible speed.

6. Do You Need a Wifi Extender?

When you are looking for a router to extend the range and coverage of your current router, you should be aware that there are many different models and brands available on the market. Some of them are better than others.

Thus, I recommend you opt for a router with mesh technology in order to increase the coverage of your WiFi network. These routers work well together and will allow you to extend the coverage without having to use a lot of devices.

Basically, the TP-Link brand provides is one of the best wireless routers for this purpose. A majority of them come with mesh technology and are able to cover a larger area. The routers also come with an advanced firmware, which allows you to configure tons of settings within the router and it provides you with seamless WiFi coverage without a hitch.

7. What’s the Budget?

Of course, you’ll need to know the amount of money you want to invest in a new router before going out and purchasing one. We recommend going with a mid-range or high-end device, especially if you have a large household or office network.

These routers come with powerful hardware and software and they allow you to configure and optimize everything. Also, these routers come with a lot of features and better security settings. So, we always recommend going for one of those instead of shopping for an entry-level router.

Getting a powerful router under $100 is one of the best options on the market. This is why I’ve created this list of best routers under $100 for you. You can therefore go through these routers and choose one that will suit your needs the best. However, if you can stretch your budget a bit, you can get a router for under $200.

8. Do You Need a Range Extender?

If you are looking for a range extender, then it would be best for you to think about a few things before purchasing one. If you want to make a purchase, you must know the exact specifications of your range extender, as well as how many and what type of devices you have. Once you have done that, you can choose from among the best range extenders available on the market.

Also, make sure that the extender you buy is compatible with your router before you purchase it. There are a number of extenders that are compatible with particular routers, so you should make sure that your router is also compatible with that extender before setting it up or purchasing it.

It is always better to go for range extenders that focus on quality rather than just price. To determine whether these devices are right for you, make sure you talk to professionals about it.

9. Single, Dual, or Tri Band? What’s the Best Option?

In my opinion, I would always recommend going with a multi-band router (minimum dual-band) especially for those who have a lot of devices and want the best coverage and speed. As these routers come with multiple bands, you will be able to connect multiple devices to them without causing any problems at all.

These routers work, in a sense, by broadcasting on different frequencies, which means that you can connect your devices to the router’s standard WiFi channel, as well as to whichever channel is proper for the IoT device to function or achieve the desired task.

At the moment, you can choose from three different types of bands in the router models. These are as follows:

  • Single-Band Router: Since this router is equipped with only one frequency band, all the devices will be able to broadcast on the same frequency band, which somehow downgrades the performance.
  • Dual-Band Router: A dual-band router has two bands, one 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) and the other 5 GHz. Compared to single-band routers, it offers much faster WiFi speed for streaming and gaming devices. Dual-band routers are also more reliable and provide maximum performance.
  • Tri-Band Router: This type has three bands, two separate 5 GHz bands and one 2.4 GHz band. Due to its three bands, you can use a single 2.4GHz band for IoT devices and another two 5GHz bands for streaming and gaming respectively.

10. Should I Prefer Router with Beamforming and MU MIMO?

If you want to connect your devices with the fastest possible speeds, then beamforming and MU MIMO can help you do so. The latest WiFi technology offers beamforming and MU MIMO and therefore, you should consider buying a router with these features.

Here’s a brief introduction of both of these technologies…

  • Beamforming: A beamformer allows the router to focus the WiFi signal at one point and direct it towards the device that it wants to connect. This technology is especially useful when there are many devices that you want to connect at once.
  • MU-MIMO: This type of device makes it possible for the router to connect more than one device at once without affecting their speeds or performance.

So, if you have a lot of devices, this type of router will allow you to connect almost all of them at once without affecting their performance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you still have doubts? As human beings, we all get confused sometimes, and we sometimes have many questions in our heads. That is why we have compiled a list of questions that we normally receive from our readers.

I hope you find these FAQs helpful in answering all your questions.

Q. How Do I Choose the Best Router Under $100?

When you’re buying a router for the first time, it’s not easy to choose the best one under $100. To find the best router, think about your needs, and ask yourself, do you want to stream videos, play games, or do regular work with the router?

Choose a router that offers at least 300mbps speed for accomplishing regular tasks. However, if you are serious about gaming or video streaming, don’t settle for anything less than 1200 MBPS.

Q. Which Router Should We Recommend You?

Our recommendation is to get any router from the list of the 10 best routers under $100, which we have provided in this article.

However, if you need us to recommend one or two routers from this list, we recommend the “TP-Link WiFi 6 Router AX1800” and the “NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router (R6700)” for 4K streaming and gaming. Both offer high-performance dual-core CPUs, beamforming, and have hundreds of thousands of positive reviews from eCommerce sites.

Q. What is Beamforming & MU MIMO?

In a nutshell, beamforming and MU-MIMO are two technologies used in routers to enhance their performance while reducing interference between devices.

Using beamforming, signals are directed to a particular device. The router can also direct the signal to a particular device, thereby reducing interference from other devices, as well as supporting Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output or MU-MIMO that allows the router to connect multiple devices at the same time, giving them the same bandwidth.

Q. How Do I Configure the Router?

This is very simple. You simply need to launch the browser and enter the router’s web address. For example, I have an Asus AC5400 Tri-Band Gaming Router, which is controlled by browsing to in my web browser and logging into the router’s admin console (you’ll get instructions with your router regarding this).

Alternatively, you can manage and set up your router settings using a mobile device (check your router’s manual for how to do this).

Q. Do All Routers Offer the Same Features?

Definitely not. Some routers are better at Wi-Fi performance, while others have a more favorable hardware configuration. For example, a router with a faster processor and more band support would be a better option if you were streaming videos of high quality or playing games.

Nonetheless, if the router comes with features that you are not interested in, then it may be pointless to purchase that one instead of going for the appropriate one.

Wrapping Up!

Before making your final decision on the best router under $100, I strongly suggest that you take the time to compare the different features of all the available routers.

However, it is very important to pick one that suits your needs and has good signal strengths and customer reviews. The most important thing is to choose the router that will provide you with the best value for your money.

We hope this article helped you find the best router under $100. Feel free to share your experiences with us… Feel free to ask any additional questions you may have about the article in the comments. I will reply as soon as possible!

That’s all for now, thanks for reading! I would appreciate it if you share this post on social media, and please don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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